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  4. I have my music performance trials today. Freaking out a little…

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  6. Now’s not the time to be poetic, she said, just pull my panties down and do me up against this tree.
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    1. At this point I dont think I want a girlfriend

    11. I can definitely last 6 months + in a relationship

    19. I haven’t a clue but I don’t think anyone likes me

    24. I am looking forward to be out of school and travelling freely around Europe

    30. I can enjoy talking to people relatively easily but deeply falling for them takes something or someone incredible

    45. I think I would struggle in a long distance relationship but if the emotions were there then I would definitely try.

    47. I’m not one to express emotions especially when it comes to telling people I like them.

  9. studip:

    do u ever come across some people who are just SO wrong that you cant even argue with them because the sheer amount of bullshit they are spewing is overwhelming

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  11. http://afuturefossilfuel.tumblr.com/post/93300237119/theshriekingsisterhood-things-id-like-to-see


    Things I’d like to see more of in media

    characters wearing medical alert bracelets

    characters taking medication with their meals

    characters mentioning that they have a therapy appointment

    characters with reminders to eat in their phones/calendars/planners

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  13. tuhree:

    *is disgusting af and offensive*
    *cries over getting hate he deserves*
    *his fans defend him*
    *still hasn’t said sorry for anything*
    *still has video up of him pretending to say sorry but instead makes fun on the situation*
    aight cry some more bitch boy kleenex is cheap

    As much as someone might be offensive, no one deserves hate, ever. 

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  14. iwatchforsasha:

    So, hm, like that, Jane?

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  15. I know that I shall meet my fate somewhere among the clouds above; those that I fight I do not hate, those that I guard I do not love.
    W.B. Yeats (via observando)
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